Facts: can cranberry juice help clean your system for a drug test

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Drinking water cannot flush drug out but will dilute urine, in order to flush out toxins and other foreign substance from your body you can drink natural diuretic like cranberry juice. Using cranberry juice to help you pass a drug test then you are putting yourself at unnecessary risk. Cranberry juice is a natural diuretic with full of antioxidants and it is constant way to cleanse your body, especially urinary tract system. THC is a major component of drug substance which is stored in fat cells. If you take drugs on regular basis or few times a week then it will take a month to cleanse your body using cranberry juice.

No drug tester look for THC in you pee they look for other metabolites and chemical created in your body when you smoke or take drugs and these metabolites, chemicals and THC are stored in fat cells, in order to eliminate toxins and be ready for test you need to lose weight fat and eliminate toxins, you should be on diet and it may take time of one month, the best way to pass drug test is to stop taking drugs and stop smoking then chances of passing drug test increases, some people take unnecessary risk by masking pee which doesn’t work there are many adulterant ways to pass drug test like using fake urine, drinking vinegar or adding it to urine sample. 

I tried these detox pills to pass drug tests and it worked and taking these pills is better idea compared to making sample adulterated or using home remedies. Finally, cranberry juice may not help to pass drug test completely but it can dilute urine and change it pH, but it can clean your body.

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