Beauty Is Health

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Beauty is a very subjective term. What may seem beautiful to one may not seem so beautiful to another. This is because different people have different tastes and preferences. These preferences are influenced by the upbringing, environment, friends, media, etc. hence there is no single definition for beauty.

One has to learn to be happy with the way they look. They should learn to appreciate themselves and accept they are beautiful. This is very crucial for their mental health and peace of mind. If one were to try to be someone else’s version of “beauty”, there is bound to be some disappointment and extreme steps that will be taken to attain this so called beauty status

Stay Happy Stay Beautiful

Here are some ways one can learn to appreciate their own beauty and be happy about it

  • Accept that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. What may seem beautiful to you may not be beautiful to the eyes of your neighbor. This does not mean one goes on changing as per other’s expectations. One should accept the differences
  • Physical beauty can be maintained and enhanced with some self care. Go to a salon once in a while and undertake some of the beauty services provided. When one feels relaxed and pampered, they feel good about themselves and hence feel beautiful from the inside
  • Be around positive people. The people you hang around with can influence your life to a great extent. Instead of focusing on people who are forever complaining about their body and have a fixed idea about beauty, be around people who have learned to accept themselves and others despite their size, shape, etc.
  • Get some exercise on a regular basis. This will not only help you knock off those extra pounds but will also help you sweat and clean out your pores. One feels energized and positive after regular exercise and this is important for one’s mental health

Staying happy despite the various issues one has to face on a daily basis, can make you look and feel beautiful at all times.

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